Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Educating the youth of America about New Kids on the Block

Today's post will be short. Although the weather today was horrendous, I dragged my hind-end to the gym for the second (yes, second) day in--a--row!  Now I'm experiencing what can only be explained as my muscles' feeble attempt to rebel and remove themselves from my body. Ugh. I shall overcome!

We started to work on order of operations today and I pulled out my music video from last year. The kids loved it and I believe that I've made a few new NKOTB fans. One of my students asked me, "Are these the guys that sang 'Hang Tough'?" I decided he's now my favorite student (we'll see if that lasts tomorrow).

I tried loading the video on here and it took over an hour just to get the "you can't do this" message. SO, I'm linking you to my YouTube page where you can see it!

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