Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quadrilateral Family Reunion

The quadrilateral family is one that I need to be a part of! They all get a long and know their place on the tree.
When introducing the family tree I review, of course, what a family tree is and how it works (they are at the bottom, parents above them, etc.). I saw quadrilaterals formatted as a tree on Pinterest and changed it to be a foldable. We used the "match-book" fold to make the little door do-dads and we through all of the information together. Quadrilateral is the "Great-Grand-daddy" of them all on this tree. And the non-parallelogram quadrilaterals? Those are the cousins that we "forget" to send the wedding invitations to...

With match-books open!
With match-books closed

Mrs. J

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  1. Thanks for your ideas! My third graders now have to learn this, and this is very helpful! :)